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Should Not be Hard

Making a purchase of engineering hardware is just the first step in effectively using that hardware in your product development process.  You need a partner that will make sure it is installed correctly,maintained at optimal performance,and fixed when things go wrong.  金莎国际PADT uses the same highly technical,customer focused approach to hardware support as was used during the sales process.

Whether you have a prototyping system from战略部队(UpPress)Dimension,和福特斯)a扫描解决方案,anSCAsoluble support cleaning tank,或高价值的表现CUBEcomputer,金莎国际PADT's technicians and engineers are on call to support your systems.

To talk to one of our staff or to schedule a service call,phone 480.813.4884 and let our reception staff know what product you need help with.They will route your call to the proper person.  Or you can email the proper address listed below.

uPrint – Dimension – PolyJet - FORTUS:  Full support for Stratasys Hardware

金莎国际PADT is authorized by Stratasys, service their Dimension 3D Printer,desktop,and FORTUS production systems.  If you are having a problem with your system,our experienced technicians and engineers will try and debug it over the phone.如果不起作用,我们会安排一个服务电话,他们会来找你的。

And our support goes beyond doing maintenance on or fixing machines.  Our staff is also here to help you with using your Stratasys software,to give you advice on how to best use your system,或者仅仅是作为一个人来谈论事情。

To obtain support on your Dimension,聚乙烯醇,或福特斯系统,拨打480.813.4884或发送电子邮件rp@金莎国际

注:PADT金莎国际仅支持亚利桑那州的Stratasys用户,New Mexico,Colorado,犹他州和德克萨斯州埃尔帕索市。可通过维修合同或按小时+零件+费用购买支持。.

Stratasys回收recycle your used stratasys supplies

Stratasys has a great program for dealing with your used canisters,猫脊卷轴和打印引擎。These are the various containers that hold the material you use for your FORTUS,Dimension,UpPress,Mojo,或旧系统。Simply visit theirrecycleingpage to get a free shipper to return your material in.

Support Cleaning Apparatus,SCA,Support

金莎国际PADT设计,builds,供应和支持Support Cleaning Apparatus for Stratasys,Inc如果您的支持清洗设备系统出现问题,,
请打电话480.813.4884或发电子邮件给我们sca@金莎国际padtinc.comYou may also find a visit to our DimensionSCA.comdownloadspage useful.

零件扫描支架:激光扫描and CGI Cross Sectional Scanners

一旦将扫描集成到生产过程中,it will become an invaluable part of how you do business.And if your machine is down,needs maintenance,or you just need help with the setup,用法,or the software,金莎国际帕德的工程师来这里帮忙。因为我们在这里使用我们自己的激光和CSS系统来提供服务,we have extensive experience in keeping the machines running and accurate.

For support on your CGI Cross Sectional Scanner,please call 480.813.4884 or emailrp@金莎国际

High Value Support for your CUBE Computer System

Part of the value of owning a CUBE Computing system is the fact that it is supported by 金莎国际PADT's IT staff.一个整天都在工作的员工,每一天,making sure that a compute infrastructure is always up and running for a group of demanding and picky engineers running high-end engineering software.  We understand your needs,您的IT状况,and are focused on making sure your hardware is running as fast as possible with a minimum of down time.

如果您对多维数据集hvpc系统有疑问或需要支持,please call 480.813.4884 or emailcubesupport@金莎国际

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