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For a Fifth Time

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Tell the stupid virus where it can go and use technology to meet some new people. We have had three of these virtual networking events so far and they have been a lot of fun.

This is what attendees are are saying:

"It was good to have convos and not be talked AT."

"In many ways, the format facilitated an interaction superior to in-person meetings."

"This event puts you smack in the center of the conversation(s) !!"

"I found this event to be an innovative way to meet people who can help me to grow my business."

"Would LOVE more of these virtual networking opportunities! Great event!"


So, as you can see, the worst experience was better than doing dishes. So join us!

Help support the Arizona Technology Council and the SciTech Institute

这些事件是p金沙澳门网上娱乐ut on by PADT in cooperation with the Arizona Technoloy Council and have always beenFREE. But, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Both theArizona Technology Counciland theSciTech Institutehelp to suport themselves through a variety of in-person events. During this time of COVID-19 those events are not happening and they need your help to continue to deliver to the Technology and STEM communities.

So please, if you like this event, donate what you can to either or both orginizations.


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